Frou-Frou Friday / NYC Designer Resale


In the spirit of Frou-Frou Friday it seemed most appropriate that today’s post be about our favorite NYC Designer Resale destinations.  What is to follow is a highly coveted list of New York’s best of the best… This list is the result of years of prancing all over the city building relationships with shop keepers.  However, the credit is due to my older brother, Christopher.  When he wasn’t doing field work for an Independent Film maker, he was learning what it takes to be dutifully dapper without breaking the bank.

Just to build a little more anticipation, some of my favorite finds include:  A Valentino Orange Tweed Suit, the Classic light-weight Prada Trench, various to-die-for Vintage Hermes silkies, and the sassiest Ralph Lauren leather pants you ever did see [I’m actually wearing them right this very moment!]  Each piece under $200.  For those of you who appreciate impeccable quality and a killer deal…


E 10th St. (between 1st and 2nd Aves.)

Storeowner: Martin

Notes:  Great for men.  Dress Shirts, Ties, Suits – all at very low prices – Owner has offered to look for specific things, if given guidance (shirts, ties, vests, etc.)  This is where my little Valentini came from!

Designer Resale

324 E 81st Street (between 1st & 2nd Ave)

Notes:  Fabulous selection of silk blouses, suits, and heels.  Most blouses were around $65 [DVF, Marc Jacobs, Prada].  This Upper East Side shop is very boutiquey, making the experience calm and enjoyable, not overwhelming.  PS it is massive, so allocate some good time here.  AND they have a men’s store that we have yet to make it to!

Michael’s:  The Consignment Shop

1041 Madison Avenue (between 79th & 80th)

Notes:  This is one of my absolute favs.  Their shoe selection is to-die-for!  Their selection ranges from about $60 – $400 and always has a few gems.  Definitely stop by to look at their vintage jewels and scarves.  Mom and I are big fans!


1132 Madison Avenue (between 84th & 85th Street)

Notes:  One of New York’s original Designer Resale locations.  It is fairly tiny, but definitely worth the trip.  Another great destination for silk blouses.  Extensive shoe inventory.  Price point:  $55 – $150

I think this is enough to wet your palette… please always feel free to contact me if you are looking for specifics!



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